The Single Most Important Element of Every Website

This little detail I’m about to reveal is so important that I’ve recently realized it’s the most important part of your website.

  • It’s not how high up it ranks on Google searches.
  • It’s not the colors, design or style you use.
  • It’s not any of the technical details behind a good site.

So, what is this one important element?

Simple – it is the words on your website, specifically it’s the very first Headline of your website.

This is so insanely simple that many people (even great designers) completely miss it.

How often do you arrive at a website of a business you don’t know very well and wonder… “what exactly do these guys actually do?”

How long do you usually stay on a web page? Mostly I’m betting it’s less than 10 seconds.

This means you don’t have a lot of time to make an impression, you need to let people know what you’re offering them and why they should chose you over the competition right away.

It may be tempting to say something really fancy sounding, or something very clever as the heading for your site. All too often though, if you try to sound too clever, you end up not saying the really important stuff, like who you are and what you do. And, most importantly, what you can do for the person visiting your website.

Don’t make this mistake, instead be clear as clean window and just say exactly who you are and what you offer, for example, the UhOhDigital homepage says right away:


and that’s what we do.

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