Your Website Is More Important Than You Think

People are searching for you online – you don’t want them to find your competition instead!

Studies show that over 80% of customers will google a business before deciding to work with them, you want to use this to your advantage to display the best possible image of yourself and you definitely don’t want some other business coming up before you even when people google your exact business name.

A website doesn’t need to be super fancy but it does need to exist, be easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile, and to be easy to find on basic search engines like Google.

Your website is there to do one of two things: either it’s going to pull customers in and convince them to buy from you – or it’s going to push customers away and convince them to go with the competition.

Your website is your number one marketing asset. Saying you don’t have the budget for it is like saying you don’t have the budget for an LLC license—you’re going to get in big trouble later if you don’t fork over that initial investment. The longer you go without a website the more difficult it will be to build legitimacy on search engines (SEO doesn’t happen overnight) and therefore the more often your competition will be stealing away many business opportunities from you.

Your website should be a reflection of your businesses corporate culture and atmosphere, it should be easy to use, and have any information customers may need clear and easy to find: including your address, phone number, best way to book an appointment or purchase whatever product or service you are selling.

It is also recommended that you keep your site updated, depending on your type of business this may mean regular updates or simply giving the website a small overhaul once every two to three years to ensure everything is up to date and reflects your current business as well as current trends in web-design and user interface.

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