The Top 3 Traits Needed To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Are you interested in becoming an ‘entrepreneur’? Looking to own your own business and make your own hours?

Lots of people idealize the life of an entrepreneur as being easy, after all they seem to wake up whenever they want and only work on things they are passionate about.

But being an entrepreneur may be more difficult than you think. Here are the most important traits a person needs to be a successful entrepreneur.

Number 1: An Entrepreneur must be self-motivated.

Self motivation is the ability to drive oneself to take initiative and action to pursue goals and complete tasks. It’s an inner drive to take action.

This is needed and important because as an entrepreneur or small business owner no one is going to be there to make sure you get your work done. You have to make sure you get it done all by yourself.

Number 2: An Entrepreneur must have a High-Risk Tolerance.

When faced with hypothetical high-stakes opportunities, most participants chose to take the less risky action. When faced with real, money-bearing high-stakes opportunities, even more participants chose the less risky path. In short, most individuals back down when faced with a high-risk situation in which both gains and losses might be large. Entrepreneurs are the rare breed who not only hold steady in such high-stakes scenarios, but seek such opportunities out.

Number 3: An Entrepreneur must be decisive.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have room to procrastinate—and the same is true for employees. “You have to be able to take action when needed,” Litzinger explains. You must know how to prioritize tasks and make decisions quickly

These are just 3 of many crucial traits you NEED when it comes to successfully running your own business. Some of these you may be born with, some you may need to work on but that’s alright because if you can dream it – you can achieve it!

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